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Local Vegetable CSA Box

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Weekly seasonal produce.

The Artemisia CSA is a collaborative endeavor between our farm and small partner farms scattered throughout the hills of our region. All of these farms are small, family operations without representation in major chain grocery stores. They are beautiful, humble individuals, dedicated to the practice of stewarding their fields and gently loving the land that provides for us all.

Subscribing to the Artemisia CSA is the way to connect directly to the land, the seasons, and the farmers that sustain us. It is an investment in our local foodweb.

It is incredibly difficult for small farmers to produce the quantity required to supply major grocers, even those dedicated to sustainable products.  We offer a financially viable alternative that allows them to continue their way of life while enriching the identity of our community.  

What's Included

  • Weekly box of seasonally appropriate produce (typically 7-8 items)
  • Weekly email with the week's selections, recipe ideas, other fun things
  • Free No-contact Delivery to your home
  • Optional Add-Ons (like eggs, cheeses, snacks) for additional charge 

Delivery Regions

We deliver to several different regions of northern Virginia. Find your delivery region here, or if we don't yet deliver to your region, reach out to us and let us know you're interested.

Delivery Days

Thursdays or Saturdays, your choice (depending on location)


We are continuing to accept 2021 Members.

Simply choose your delivery day and region and check out. Your first delivery will be the week after you sign up.


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